Dynamic holidays or quiet holidays?

Our area provides many chances, both for very dynamic people who want to dedicate their holiday to sports nonstop and for those who like a leisurely pace. In both cases, fun is guaranteed.

Outdoor sports galore

There is a full range of opportunities that you can’t miss! Experience something new and choose from land, water, and air sports. At Lake Santa Croce, famous for water sports activities, you are spoiled for choice. Try whatever you like such as Kitesurfing, Windsurfing, Wing Foil, Wakeboarding, sailing, canoeing, swimming, and fishing.

Water sports

Lake Santa Croce is very popular with sailing sports lovers. The wind generally blows from spring to autumn and is stronger in the spring months when it can easily exceed 20-25 knots. It originates from the temperature difference between the mountains above the Alpago plateau to the north and the Veneto Po Valley to the south.

Come and enjoy all the activities with us. You will live intense experiences and adrenaline adventures.

Sup | Canoeing | Swimming

The lake is calmer in the morning. It is the best time to go for a swim or rent a canoe or a SUP and go to explore the evocative landscape that the lake offers. Rowing among the willows in the naturalistic oasis amid waterfowl and fish is an unforgettable experience you should not miss.


On the left side of the beach is a Wake Cable, a two-pylon cable system that you can use to be towed up off the crest while riding a wakeboard.

It is a fun sport that even children can do.

Kitesurfing  | Windsurfing | Wing Foiling | Sailing

In the afternoon the wind rises, and Kitesurfers, Windsurfers and Wing Foils colour the body of water in front of the campsite. A section of the beach is dedicated to carrying out these activities with a large space where you can get your gear ready and enter the water. There are Kitesurfing and Wing Foil schools.

Sailing enthusiasts mainly gather on the south shore where the headquarters of the Naval League are located, a sailing centre of excellence that organizes courses, training, and regattas even at the international level.


The head office of Alpago fishing basin no. 7 and the boat hire firm are both based halfway around the lake. Here you can purchase fishing permits. In the morning hours, the lake is crammed with fishers and a wealth of large prey such as pike or carp and fish of remarkable gastronomic interest, like royal perch and whitefish, attract a great many enthusiasts.


The Belluno area is known for the large number of streams that have carved themselves into the rock throughout its territory, therefore a popular destination for canyoning lovers. This activity consists in walking down very steep waterways equipped with a wetsuit, rope, harness, and appropriate shoes. The obstacles you have to overcome are waterfalls, rock jumps in natural tanks as well as crossing flooded corridors and slides. It is usually done in groups accompanied by specialized guides. Experience the thrill of reaching Lake Santa Croce descending the canyon in the Val Maggiore. Thought to be one of the most beautiful in the Veneto region, it will remain in your memory forever.

Land and air sports, amidst nature in unspoiled environments

The entire Alpago area offers its guests a pleasant stimulating stay thanks to the different interesting opportunities provided by an extraordinary environment with unspoiled nature. A succession of meadows, woods, hills conveys a sense of freedom and peace.

Come and experience land & air activities with us in an area that will take your breath away.

Mountain Biking

Mountain Bike lovers can set out from the lake and reach the Alpago peaks cycling along roads and paths with different levels of difficulty. For example, the “Alpago Natura” path, over 70 km long, starts from the lower part of the basin and crosses the entire Alpago area. It can be covered in several days because it may be divided into short stretches and is therefore suitable for all types of bikers.

During the summer season, the Nevegal ski area offers a ski lift service to adrenaline lovers who practise downhill mountain biking.

Nordic Walking

The Alpago area is full of trails fit for Nordic Walking lovers. It is an enhanced walking technique that uses specially designed poles to work your upper body as well as your legs. Involving a lot of muscles, Nordic Walking is a genuinely whole-body exercise. In recent years this activity has seen a marked increase in enthusiasts of all ages because, in addition to the physical benefit, it allows you to immerse yourself in nature and enjoy the view of wonderful places.


Mount Dolada is a launching site for paragliders. Very well-known and appreciated, it has hosted several important competitions over the years. Those who have a craving for strong emotions can experience tandem flights together with an instructor.


A few minutes by car or bike from the campsite there are equipped natural rock-climbing walls where climbing enthusiasts can do their sport. By driving for only 17 km, the most demanding climbers can reach Erto and Casso, a real paradise for this sport with over 120 walls suitable for any skill level, from 3a to 8c.


On the Cansiglio plain, amid nature and surrounded by beech and fir forests, is located the golf course of the Cansiglio Golf Club.
It is an eighteen-hole links-style course, naturally undulating. The ideal place for playing in summer while enjoying the cool that the mountain environment offers.

Horse trekking

For those who want to spend a few hours outdoors and immerse themselves in the environment and nature, horse trekking is a perfect choice. The trekking service is organized by the riding stables found in the area.

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