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Both Italian and international kitesurfing schools are located on the north shore of the lake and half-way around the lake, at Poiatte, is a windsurfing school. The Italian Navy League, which hosts the European circuit sailing trials, together with sailing courses and training, is based on the south shore of the lake, at Santa Croce and at Poiatte.

Windsurfing and Kitesurfing on Lake Santa Croce

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Freshwater fishing is a sport that needs concentration.

The head office and boat hire firm of Alpago fishing basin no. 7 are based half-way around the lake. In the fishing season the lake is thronged with fishers, who are attracted by a wealth of excellent carp, pike, chub, trout, white fish, and perch. The ichthyological research Centre, which carries out experimental fish breeding as well as teaching activities, is located on the south bank of the Lake.

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