Excursions, Paragliding, Hang-Gliding

Ground sports. Excursions, Nordic walking

Lake Santa Croce is included in Natura 2000, the ecological network which was set up by the European Union in order to protect rare natural types of habitats. To the north is a nature reserve where you can see a peculiar wetland with its characteristic fauna. A track starts from the beach of Farra skirting lovely Lake Santa Croce and leading to Poiatte, a hamlet with a particular view over the entire Alpago area and the nearer Dolomites.

A wooden capital housing the Madonna del Lago, Our Lady of the Lake, Protectress of the entire basin, welcomes you as soon as you get to the village. This trail is included in the Veneto Nordic walking circuit, which after crossing the village immediately penetrates into the vegetation; then walking up a steep road, you will climb height fast and reach the Santuario della Madonna del Runalthe Shrine of Our Lady of Runal. After that, the track leads down to the valley across the centre of Farra and to the lake shore again.
For your most striking itineraries rely on the skills and experience of the local Rangers and Alpine Guides, who will make you discover unique exciting places.  

Air Sports. Paragliding, hang-gliding, parachuting, soaring free with the wind.

If you have a craving for strong emotions, there are lots of places where you can go and do your favourite sport. Mount Dolada is a striking launching site for paragliding and hang-gliding. Parachuting championship competitions are held at Belluno airport periodically.