Enjoy eating by the Lake

The café restaurant pizzeria Sarathei offers a simple albeit refined menu. Our chef prepares dishes for pleasing the most demanding tastes, with a wide selection for both children and adults. Our clients can enjoy their lunch or dinner sitting in a comfortable half-roofed terrace outdoors.

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Have lunch or dinner at us


Relax at the Beach Bar Sartahei, our fantastic multi-coloured stall.

The Beach Bar Sarathei is ideal for a fast lunch. Before starting your sports activities or favourite hikes again, it is the perfect place to relax. Imagine yourself tired but happy, sitting at the Beach Bar Sarathei, drinking something refreshing, enjoying deep relaxation in front of Lake Santa Croce, at the end of a beautiful day by the lake. It’s just what you’ve always wanted.

Lots of drinks, snacks and appetizers for a fast lunch or an aperitif before dinner.

And for health food fanatics, fruit galore!