Due to the recent restrictive measures imposed by the Prime Ministerial Decree (DPCM), aimed at opposing the COVID-19 epidemic, in Italy the population is permitted to travel and move only if absolutely necessary and within the municipality where they live, with very few exceptions for compelling reasons related to work, health and care.

We believe these strict measures are needed to start together again, much stronger than before, in a very short time.

We are confident that things will improve, but we know very well that all citizens and travellers are currently having difficulty dealing with this situation worldwide. Therefore, health and safety are now our first priority.

Under the circumstances, we cannot open our campsite on 1st April as we do every year. Yet, we are optimistic and are working hard so that Sarathei and its staff will be at their best and able to welcome you as soon as possible.

Sarathei Campsite

Sarathei Campsite is an unforgettable place at Farra d’Alpago in front of Lake Santa Croce. A gorgeous body of water surrounded by the beauties of nature.

Watch the photos and imagine you are enjoying your holiday here

Sarathei caravans

If you have no camping gear, don’t worry. Sarathei Campsite is equipped with comfortable caravans immersed in lush green nature.

Stay in one of our caravans for a weekend or how long you like

Your children’s cool playground

Beach Bar Sarathei

Sarathei Restaurant

Children can have a lot of fun in a small play area and in Drakoland playground open all through the summer. There is plenty of space where young daredevils can run and play together with lots of friends having great fun on inflatable games.

It is a perfect place to refresh yourself and relax after the "real grind" by the lake. The Beach Bar Sarathei has a lovely atmosphere that will pamper you and brighten your holiday.

The Cafè/Restaurant/Pizzeria Sarathei is perfect for tasting our specialties. Our menu is simple but offers delicious appetizing dishes pleasing every taste.