Dear clients

We are following the struggle against the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) very closely. Our efforts and the sacrifices we have made over the last few months are now producing some optimism. Though cautiously, we have hope that we will manage to gradually regain what we treasure most.  We need to get used to a different way of socializing, made up of physical distancing and personal protective equipment (PPE), but we will certainly be able to live our time where we like and together with the people we love.
It is now too early to set the exact date for our Campsite’s reopening, but we are getting ready to guarantee our Guests any protection according to government regulations and guidelines as well as to common sense.
We will post the precise opening date on both our Facebook page (campingsarathei) and our website ( as soon as it has been decided.

Sarathei Campsite

Sarathei Campsite is an unforgettable place at Farra d’Alpago in front of Lake Santa Croce. A gorgeous body of water surrounded by the beauties of nature.

Watch the photos and imagine you are enjoying your holiday here

Sarathei caravans

If you have no camping gear, don’t worry. Sarathei Campsite is equipped with comfortable caravans immersed in lush green nature.

Stay in one of our caravans for a weekend or how long you like

Your children’s cool playground

Beach Bar Sarathei

Sarathei Restaurant

Children can have a lot of fun in a small play area and in Drakoland playground open all through the summer. There is plenty of space where young daredevils can run and play together with lots of friends having great fun on inflatable games.

It is a perfect place to refresh yourself and relax after the "real grind" by the lake. The Beach Bar Sarathei has a lovely atmosphere that will pamper you and brighten your holiday.

The Cafè/Restaurant/Pizzeria Sarathei is perfect for tasting our specialties. Our menu is simple but offers delicious appetizing dishes pleasing every taste.